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SCRIP Program

What is Scrip?

The Scrip Program is a fund raiser for the Fort Wayne Sport Club Youth Soccer.  The fund raiser consists of gift certificates or gift cards, purchased by you from Fort Wayne Sport Club Youth Soccer for their face value to redeem at hundreds of different retailers.



FWSCYS purchases these certificates or cards at various discounts. That discount is called a rebate.


What’s in it for me?

Of the rebate dollar amount, FWSCYS will keep 20% for administrative fees. Player accounts are credited with the remaining 80% of the rebate dollar amount to be used toward certain soccer expenses while playing for the Fort Wayne Sport Club.


That’s nice, what does 80% look like in dollars?

The following table makes some assumptions. That your family purchases $100 in groceries per week, $25 in gas per week and spends $10 for fast food (or something else at your house) per week:

Scrip Name $ Spent per WK $ Spent per YR % FWSCYS Discount

$ Rebate

$ In Player Account

Player Contribution to FWSCYS

Meijer $100 $5,200





Marathon $25 $1,300





Arby’s $10 $520









View a list of Retailers

Visit the following web site for a complete list of retailers. 

Scrip Mobile app


Kroger Community Reward Program

Everyone who previously enrolled their plus card to contribute to FWSC needs to Re-enroll.

It only takes a few minutes. Go to

to verify your Community Rewards is going to Fort Wayne Sport Club.

This is free money for the club.



New Family Signup

FWSC Scrip Order Form - Updated

SCRIP Credit Transfer Request Form


Current Scrip Night Information
No Scrip night November 22 or December 27th

  • Wednesday 6:00 - 7:00 pm 
  • Location: AWP - Summit   1095 W Rudisell
  • Payment by check or cash only

If you have any questions, contact Karen Unger or Celeste Streicher at or attend Scrip Night listed above.

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