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The goal of the PDA is to develop players with proficient technical and tactical skills who enjoy playing the game and wish to play it at a higher level.  This is accomplished through good coaching, concentrated training, challenging games, and having some fun also.  Players will always develop more by training with and playing against other good players.



Spring 2016 Teams

ISL (4 levels) – 7 Boy’s and 2 Girl’s teams – mostly u10’s and u9’s (with some select u8’s).

Rec (2 levels) – 2 Boy’s and 3 Girls teams – mostly u8’s (with some u9’s and u10’s that are new to the program) and u7’s.

Each child is placed at the level that will best nurture their development. That placement may change as the player progresses from season to season and year to year. Children grow at different rates and times. We do not want to over challenge (or under challenge) any child. Confidence is an important part in player development.



Twice a week for 75 minutes (age appropriate).  The training sessions are intense.  Children learn best by doing, not just standing and listening.  There are needed times for listening, but we mostly keep them actively learning.

Training is when the most development happens.  We start and finish on time.  Please make every effort to have your children there and on time.



ISL – half the games are in town (at the Club or Hefner fields) and half away (all in the northeast part of the state – South Bend, Goshen, Elkhart, Warsaw) with maximum travel time of about one and a half hours (most are closer).  Occasionally, games may be held on Friday nights (in town) or Sunday afternoons.

Rec – all games are on Saturday mornings at the Club in the FWSC Rec league playing coed teams in the appropriate age division or mostly one age division up.

Teams will be placed where they will develop the best.  Winning is not important, development is.  The team placement may also change from season to season to better match their development.

Family is important to us.  Playing ISL games is a family decision and will always be respected as such.  All families will be able to choose their level of play (ISL or Rec) before player placement.  The final placement of a player however is left up to our technical trainer with family preference taken into consideration.



Matt Hein is the PDA Technical Trainer (Head Coach). He is a former All-American, professional player, State Youth Coach of the Year, and holds a National Youth License. Matt is the most sought youth coach in the state. He is at all training sessions and monitors games during each season.

Oliver Reelsen is the PDA Assistant Trainer. He has many years of experience at the Club in Rec, PDA, and Travel. He also has a National Youth License and is Vice-President of the FWSC Youth Board.

Parent Team Coaches (2) for each team are also used at training and games.  Please consider helping.  Parents, Grandparents, Significant Others, etc. have all helped in the past. It’s really quite easy, Matt plans and directs all training sessions.  Parent Coaches are used to help the players stay on task, understand each exercise, and encourage the players during the technical part of training (45 min.). During the tactical (controlled scrimmage) part (30 min.), they help with the tactical understanding that is being emphasized at that session.  They also help during the games, substituting players to make sure that all get equal time at all positions. We train coaches as well as players.

With all of this, we can offer a 1 to 4 ratio of coaches to players, to insure that all the children get the attention needed to develop. We could not do this (at a reasonable cost) without parent help.  Please help us help your children.

As a small token of our appreciation, the Team Parent Coaches’ children play for a reduced fee and receive Coach’s wear.

Also, for the ISL teams, a Parent Team Manager is needed for each team to help with the administrative duties at that level.  Their child also plays for a reduced fee. Please consider helping here also.


Seasons and Costs

1. Fall – mid August 16 to October 20, 2016(10 weeks) – $250 (ISL) and $170 (Plus)

2. Winter – all PDA players are expected to participate in at least one indoor 6 week training session (Nov. & Dec. or Jan. & Feb.) at a cost of $60 and the 3 week pre-spring season indoor games (early March) at a cost of $

3. Spring – April 11and May 25,  2017 (8 weeks) – $250 (ISL) and $170 (Rec)

* Summer (optional) – June and July 2016 (6 weeks) – FWSC Summer Rec League at a cost of $80.

Uniforms, training wear, and warm-ups  – ranges in price to $50 total maximum, depending on the team level and what was outgrown.  We use the same gear each season.  We will replace game jerseys at no cost when a larger one is needed if the old one is traded in.

We do want a full year commitment (Fall/Winter/Spring) from all players/families.  It takes time and effort from all to develop the players to what is wanted by all.  The PDA program is not for everyone. It requires more commitment than the Rec program.

Contact Stephanie Hein (PDA Coordinator) at  or 420-9143 or 705-2922 if you have any questions.

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